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WorldShift Events

WorldShift 2012 Founding Partner, Events4Change LLP, will set up and manage WorldShift Events CIC (Community Interest Company) as a social event-based enterprise raising awareness of the WorldShift Declaration and WorldShift Solutions.

WorldShift Events will include a global microfranchise event organisation and promotion vehicle, tapping in to the goodwill and resources of event promoters and producers around the world. It will initiate and manage live and dance music, corporate, family, student and other events as well as support others within the branded franchise.

As well as regular and ad hoc events through the year, WorldShift Events CIC will co-ordinate all participants to stage Macro / Micro – Global / Local events on the pivotal transformational dates of 10/10/10, 11/11/11 and then an attempt at the largest public event of its kind in history on 21/12/12.

If an individual or external organisation chooses to join WorldShift Events CIC, they will agree to operate within monitored and enforceable guidelines and to promote the WorldShift Declaration and WorldShift Solutions as well as to pay

  • 9% or more of profit to The WorldShift Fund
  • 9% or more of profit to a Charity of their choice
  • 9% or more of profit to WorldShift Events towards organising the global WorldShift event in 2012

More information will be made available soon, in the meantime any specific enquiry can be answered by contacting us.