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The TT (Timely Transformation) Scenario

  • The experience of terrorism and war, together with rising poverty and the threats posed by a changing climate, trigger a widespread recognition that the time to change has come.  In country after country, an initially small but soon rapidly growing nucleus of people pull together to confront the dangers of the global crisis and seize the opportunity it offers for change.
  • The rise of popular movements for sustainability and peace leads to the election of political leaders who support economic cooperation and social solidarity projects.  Forward-looking states monitor the dangerous trends and provide financing for the urgently needed economic, ecological, and humanitarian initiatives.
  • Non-governmental organizations link up to undertake projects to revitalize regions ravaged by environmental degradation.  Emergency funds are provided for countries and regions affliced by drought, violent storms, coastal flooding, and failures of the harvest.
  • Military budgets are reduced and in some states eliminated, and the resulting “peace-dividends” are assigned to increase the production of staple foods, safe water, basic supplies of energy, and essential sanitation and health services for the needy disadvantaged populations.  
  • Country after country shifts from fossil-fuel based energy-production to alternative fuels, reducing the release of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere and slowing the process of global warming.  A globally networked renewable energy system comes on line, contributing to food production, providing energy for desalinizing and filtering sea-water, and helping to lift marginalized populations from the vicious cycles of poverty.
  • Leading business companies join the classical pursuit of profit and growth with the quest for social and ecological responsibility.  On the initiative of enlightened managers a voluntarily self-regulating social market economy is put in place, and the newly elected forward-looking political leaders give it full support.
  • As the new energy system and the self-regulating social market economy begins to function, access to economic activity and technical and financial resources becomes available to all countries and economies. 
  • Frustration, resentment, animosity and distrust give way to a spirit of cooperation, liberating the spirit and enhancing the creativity of a new generation of locally active and globally thinking people. 
  • Humanity is on the way to a peaceful and sustainable, diverse yet cooperative planet-wide civilization.

As you can see, it is a simple choice to make between Business As Usual or Timely Transformation.

The transition may be difficult for some, but it will be far more difficult for all if we don't start the process very soon.  Before we can do that we first have to collectively and consciously decide that this is what we actually want.  Are you ready to take The WorldShift Challenge?