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Worldshifters Unite!

WorldShift 2012 was initiated by The Club of Budapest with the support of other organisations joining daily... For more on these Founding Partners, please click the links below.

The WorldShift 2012 Alliance!

The WorldShift 2012 Alliance is a partnership community representing a convergence of brilliant organizations, groups and individuals around the planet, coming together at this crucial time to co-create a positive, globally conscious world. We are building a platform for all those who care about the world we live in and our shared future, to join together to “connect, communicate, collaborate and co-create” a peaceful and sustainable world for the benefit of all humanity and Planet Earth.

WorldShift 2012 Alliance is a movement that acknowledges the great challenges we now face and seeks to address, identify and define the solutions that need to be put into place, locally and globally, on an urgent basis.

The WorldShift 2012 Declaration provides both a collective vision of the highest order and an action-oriented path in which we can all play a part, to unite our brilliance from all over the world to emerge into a new way of being over these next critical years.

WorldShift 2012 Alliance is a circle of light, evolutionary vision, and whole thinking. It is about reaching into the heart of the matter, listening to those who need to be heard, and to those who hold positive solutions for humanity in all areas. It exists for your total participation and will be beyond your expectations.

The World is ready! Shift happens! 2012 is coming!

Are you ready to WorldShift 2012?

WorldShift 2012 Alliance - Partnership Framework

WorldShift 2012 Alliance asks our Partners what they need to help them in their 'better world' work. When you tell us what you need to more effectively accomplish your initiatives, projects and goals, we try to match your needs with our other Partners who can assist you on a mutual aid basis. Membership is open to all organizations, institutions, groups, companies and individuals subject to acceptance of the following Partner/Member commitments:

Values & Partner Commitments

  1. Endorse/Sign the WorldShift 2012 Declaration - a commitment to 'right' action.
  2. The fundamental 'social compact' of the WorldShift 2012 Alliance is ‘mutual respect, trust and support’. Each Partner agrees to assist each other to the extent they possibly can when asked for help and freely offers help as well. Mutual trust is built upon this social compact as our community can always call upon each other for assistance and to join together in each other’s projects and initiatives. Our most fundamental principle is "All for One and One for All - All the Time"!
  3. Each Partner commits to sharing information, communicating and collaborating with the other Partners on an ongoing basis.
  4. Each organizational Partner will appoint a WS2012 Alliance Community Liaison - an individual responsible for communicating with other Partners and responding to Alliance communications.

Partnership Benefits

  1. See # 2 & 3 above.
  2. List Alliance Partner events, activities, contact details and other key information on WS2012 web portal.
  3. Access new members, supporters, partners and resources.
  4. Distribute Partner content and information on-line to members and the public.
  5. Enhance and empower the efforts of Member organizations through the WS2012 Alliance partnership community and the related social network.
  6. Free access to web communications and collaboration infrastructure being built under the auspices of WS2012 Alliance.
  7. Free access to ideas of global wisdom elders and thought leaders
  8. Free access to best practices and project ideas of other WS2012 members that can be exported to your group and/or community, nation or region.
  9. Free access to WS2012 Logo, WS2012 Social Network, and participation in WorldShift Days and other WS2012 initiatives, projects and events.
  10. Free membership for all Partners - organizations, community groups, companies and individuals in the Worldshift 2012 Alliance.

For more information or to add your organisation, please contact us.