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The Worldshift 20 Summit, Canada - June 2010


June 24-27, 2010

Worldshift 2012 Presents An Evolutionary Worldshift 20 Summit

A Parallel event to the Toronto G20 Summit 
Hosted by Grail Springs Transformational Retreat (Bancroft, Ontario)

"It has been said that our generation is the first in history that can decide whether it’s the last in history. We need to add that our generation is also the first in history that can decide whether it will be the first generation of a new phase in history. We have reached a watershed in our social and cultural evolution." (Ervin Laszlo, Founder of The Club of Budapest, Author of WorldShift 2012)


The Worldshift Movement is gathering together global visionaries and ‘actionists’ including: Dr. Ervin Lazlo, H.H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Neale Donald Walsch, Barbara Marx Hubbard (all pictured above), and many others, for the ‘Worldshift 20 Summit’.

The WS20 Summit includes a full-day public and media event featuring the ‘Awakening the Dreamer Symposium’, and interaction focused on personal and group commitments to local / global action. The Summit is being convened as a parallel event to the G20 Summit of national leaders in Toronto, Ontario, June 26-27, and will contrast old and new approaches to addressing our collective challenges.
The mission of the Worldshift 20 Summit is to consider the major challenges and opportunities that affect the well-being of every person on the planet from a holistic perspective which represents all humanity.
Its core purpose is to transcend short-term, self-serving economic and political interests recognizing that thinking and acting in exclusive reference to narrow national or multi-national agendas cannot solve the multitude of global crises currently confronting us.
The urgent need is for a longer-term perspective that focuses both on the challenges and on the related opportunities for creating the foundations of a peaceful, just and sustainable world during this period of large-scale global transition.
“The WS20 Summit will address our current global challenges and opportunities on behalf of the whole human family,” said David Woolfson, Co-Initiator of the Worldshift Movement and President of The Club of Budapest Canada.
“The generations alive today have the unprecedented opportunity to envision and begin to build a new global society where all people can live in peace and harmony with each other and our planetary home. Millions of people worldwide are actively engaged in this crucial work today.”
"The Summit also seeks to support delegates at the G20 discussing how to resolve the World’s economic crisis by offering dialogue around other inter-related social, economic and environmental contexts such as Peace, Justice, Sustainability, Social Innovation and Conscious Evolution," said Gareth Strangemore-Jones, Co-Initiator of the Worldshift Movement and Creative Member of The Club of Budapest. 
The Worldshift 20 Summit is further intended to co-create a collaborative mission and global meta-Campaign focused on the unique Year 2012 opportunity for larger-scale personal and planetary change.
Confirmed Participants to date (personally or virtually): 
Ervin Laszlo - Hungary / Italy (Founder, The Club of Budapest & Author, Worldshift 2012)
H.H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar - India (Founder, The Art of Living Foundation)
Barbara Marx Hubbard - USA (Founder, Foundation for Conscious Evolution)
Neale Donald Walsch - USA (Spiritual Author, Conversations With God series)
Stephen Killelea - Australia (Founder, Global Peace Index)
Janet Attwood - USA (Personal Transformation Leader & Author, The Passion Test)
Jon Love - USA (Co-Founder, Four Years. Go. Campaign & Director, AwakeningThe Dreamer Initiative)
Hiro Saionji - Japan (Founder, The Goi Peace Foundation)
Hazel Henderson - USA (Founder, Ethical Markets Media)
Marcia Martin - USA (Personal Transformation Leader)
Richard Greene - USA (Radio Host, Author & Founder, 'Words that Shook the World' Campaign)
Jonathan Granoff - USA (President, Global Security Institute)
Ashok Gangadean - USA (Professor of Philosophy, Haverford College & Founder, World Commission on Global Consciousness)
Alex Theory - USA (Music Producer & Global Synchronized Events Pioneer)
Debra Poneman - USA (Personal Transformation Leader)
Vera Lopez - Brazil / USA (Founder of Spirits of the Earth Foundation)
Gareth Strangemore-Jones - UK (Co-Initiator, Worldshift Movement & Creative Member, The Club of Budapest)
Nicolya Christi - UK (Consciousness Evolutionist, Author of 2012: A Clarion Call & Worldshift Executive Committee)
Dana Amma Day - UK (Co-Initiator, Worldshift Movement & Founder, Positive TV)
David Woolfson - Canada (Co-Initiator, Worldshift Movement & President, The Club of Budapest Canada)
Madeleine Marentette - Canada (Founder and President, Grail Springs Retreat)
More global thinkers and actionists are being added.  
Click here for Speakers' Biographies.
We are moving from unconscious evolution through natural selection to conscious evolution by choice,” said Barbara Marx Hubbard.
“We've seen in the last half century an incredible shift. This is just an extraordinary time to be alive,” said Neale Donald Walsch.
This event is hosted by Grail Springs Transformation Retreat Center in Canada and is sponsored by The Guardians of the Grail.

Grail Springs Transformation Retreat (Bancroft, Ontario, Canada)
Guardians of the Grail are a collective roundtable of extraordinary individuals dedicated to personal and planetary transformation. They are caring citizens of the world, messengers of hope, healers, green entrepreneurs, creative actionists, or all of the above. Guardians of the Grail share a calling ~ to be of service, to empower ourselves and those around us, to ensure planetary sustainability, social justice, and spiritual fulfillment for all.
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