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Endorsement by Dr Jude Currivan

Dr Jude Currivan speaking at the launch of WorldShift 2012 at The British Museum on 09/09/09

"At the launch of WorldShift2012 and on this momentous day of 9.9.9, I’d like to whole-heartedly endorse the message of its Declaration. Not only to sound a wake-up call to the very real state of global emergency that we are in, but the hope and opportunity for the emergence of a collective breakthrough.  

If we are personally ill, when we have a dis-ease; to heal, we don’t just deal with the symptoms, we seek to understand and treat the causes of the dis-ease.  The Worldsift2012 Declaration is a clear diagnosis that we have a collective dis-ease. Its symptoms are the economic, social and environmental issues that have brought us all to the threshold of a potential breakdown. But its cause is ultimately our collective underlying world-view.

So if we are to heal our collective dis-ease, we need to radically change our view of the world.
The mainstream scientific perspective of the world – that we have collectively adopted - is of a fragmented, meaningless and solely materialistic universe where consciousness is merely the random outcome of evolutionary forces. Such a sterile and limited worldview has dis-membered our collective psyche; it has split our hearts from our minds, created a rift between our inner and outer experiences of reality and separated us from each other, the Earth and the wider Cosmos.

Only by expanding our worldview beyond its current and unsustainable limits, can we transform the potential of a global breakdown, into a collective breakthrough.  

Just as we can’t understand the nature of the ocean by looking only at the waves on its surface, neither can we understand the nature of the Cosmos just by studying the physical universe. Yet mainstream science currently tries to persuade us that we can fully understand the nature of reality solely by investigating the material world and reducing it to its basic components. That’s like trying to analyze a Shakespeare play or a symphony by Mozart only through their letters or notes – it doesn’t even describe them, let alone understand or experience them.

If such science were able to comprehensively describe the universe, then it might have reason to be authoritative. Not only are the current theories that describe the minute world of the quantum and the large-scale world of relativistic spacetime fundamentally incompatible, but over the last few years, discoveries by astronomers have identified that the universe appears to be comprised of only 4% of the matter and energy we are aware of and can measure and an enormous 96% of so-called dark matter and dark energy the nature of which is as yet completely unknown.

So the mainstream science that tries to convince us that it can explain the ocean of reality can’t even explain the froth on top of the waves on its surface!

Physicists hope that CERN’s Large Hadron Collider will resolve many of the problems with their current theories. But their search still completely ignores the ‘elephant in the room’ - the nature of consciousness, the understanding of which is key to answering the questions of not only how the universe is as it is – but why? 

However, at the leading edge of science and at the frontier of research into consciousness a revolutionary, comprehensive and empowering new vision of the Cosmos and a deeper understanding of the nature of reality itself is emerging. 

The emerging vision reconciles science with consciousness and universal spiritual wisdom and offers us the opportunity not only to understand the Cosmos at a more fundamental level but to re-member who we really are. Its discoveries show that we can no longer separate mind from matter, body from soul and ourselves from a reality that is intrinsically integral. In this transformational vision of the nature of integral reality, our existence has meaning and purpose. 

Crucially this revolutionary vision of the Cosmos means that we are not only the creation of cosmic mind but the ultimate co-creators of our realities. And as co-creators, our consciousness – on many different levels of perception - is far more powerful than most of us have previously thought.

Our fragmented and limited worldview has brought us to the edge of a global breakdown. But this radical new vision of reality and of ourselves is emerging at this tipping point in history as individually and collectively our awareness is expanding in an evolutionary leap of collective awareness that is becoming known as the Shift. 

Until recently, the prevalence of the mainstream scientific view of the world has meant that our personal and collective experiences of the Shift have had no context to encompass and validate our expanding awareness. 

Instead of clinging on to the old paradigm that has brought us to the edge of catastrophe, we should follow the increasingly compelling evidence, as Marcel Proust once said: ‘the real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new lands but in seeing with new eyes.’

As the Shift gathers pace, we are literally waking up – and evermore able to becoming more conscious co-creators. The choices we make here and now are crucial to our transforming the tragedy of an impending breakdown into the transcendence of a breakthrough.

If we are willing to take responsibility for our choices and ready to make those choices from love rather than fear, the emerging view of the whole-world shows that we can really transform our personal and collective realities. 

But a choice made from love requires us to re-integrate our hearts and minds. Regardless of our gender, we all embody masculine and feminine attributes whose complementarity and balance are key if we are to fully express the wholeness of life and fulfil our human promise. Yet the feminine aspects of our psyche have been marginalized and denigrated. For us to transform a global emergency into an emergence the return of the feminine is crucial – as the ancient wisdom keepers realized – to re-consecrate the sacred marriage within and between us in all aspects of our lives. The full inclusion of the heart-based feminine attributes of caring, compassion, empathy and cooperation within our collective organizations and societies is urgently needed. 

As we each ‘show up’ to hear and enact the guidance of the universal heart – that connects us at a higher level of awareness - we fulfil our highest purpose in being here and now. For completion of the Shift is up to all of us. And whilst our personal journeys of self-discovery have been progressively empowering us to understand that ‘I Can Do It’, we need now to go beyond the Me and become the We that together can do it.

The whole-world invites each and every one of us to show up and answer the call to service in whatever way and to whatever extent each of us can manage. 

As Archbishop Tutu has said ‘each of us can do something.’ However small your ‘something’ may seem to you, remember that ‘if you think you’re too small to make a difference share a sleeping bag with a mosquito!’ And for those of you who have a dream that seems too enormous to achieve, remember and trust that ‘no one is given a dream without having everything they need within themselves to accomplish it.’ 

The Declaration of WorldShift2012 isn’t just to acknowledge a global state of emergency, but is a call to action to re-integrate heart, mind and purpose, to re-integrate and fully express the divine feminine in partnership with the divine masculine – within us all. It is a call for us all to follow where the evidence leads to the acknowledgement – and enactment - of a whole-world view. And it offers us all a clarion call, to come together and to dedicate ourselves as ever-more conscious co-creators to envisage and manifest the emergence of a global breakthrough."