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Renaissance2 Great Shift Gathering (22-26/10/09)

An Invitation to the Renaissance2 Great Shift Gathering: October 22-26 2009
In the next decade we will be challenged as never before as individuals, professionals and in our organizations. The convergent economic, ecological and cultural crises we are in mark the beginning of a great shift in our economy, culture and biosphere.
Are you ready for what comes next?
Between October 22-26 2009, Renaissance2 is holding the “Great Shift Gathering” following their highly successful Great Shift Partner Event in June 2009.
Join in an ongoing conversation with dozens of excellent speakers and living legends such as Barbara Marx Hubbard, Dr Ervin Laszlo, Don Beck, Andrew Cohen and Neale Donald Walsch.
We will also be launching the Worldshift Alliance on 26 October with leaders from the major organizations involved.
The President of Renaissance2, Dr Robin Wood, extends his personal invitation to you to join us at the groundbreaking GREAT SHIFT GATHERING series of events between 22-26 October 2009.
The design of these events draws on the key concepts outlined in Robin’s new book: “The Great Shift”.
Barbara Marx Hubbard has this to say about “The Great Shift”: 
“As a lifelong champion of conscious evolution I see Dr Robin Wood’s new book, “The Great Shift” as a seminal contribution toward our ability to evolve consciously. The shift of evolution itself from unconscious to conscious choice is to me the signal of the evolution of the species of Homo sapiens. As Sri Aurobindo put it: “Man is a transitional species.” Transitional toward what is a key question. Reading “The Great Shift” helps us see that we are in transition to a co-creative, planetary, universal species, the fulfilment of the aspiration of the ages, the hearts’ desire of countless millions. We gain “evolutionary eyes,” and can see ourselves from the “Overview Perspective” as a species emerging toward its birth as a universal humanity.”
These events are based on the principles of Evolution by Design and Collective Intelligence: participants discover, dream, design and deliver outstanding outcomes together through action-learning and co-creation. This means scanning for, modelling and connecting what is working to mobilize coherently so that we deliver what is needed in time, in four critical “innovation crucibles”: renewable energy, resilient environments, enlightened enterprises and integral governance systems.
This is your personal invitation to attend one or both of the two ground breaking events which comprise the Great Shift Gathering. 

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