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Logo: Renaissance2

Renaissance2, is a not-for profit foundation catalyzing socially innovative world-centric businesses, in the four innovation crucibles we need to create a renewable, thriving global economy:

  • Renewable Energy
  • Resilient Environments
  • Enlightened Enterprise
  • Integral Governance

The Mission of Renaissance2 is to accelerate open-source innovation between business, design, the scientific and technology communities, governments and NGO’s to address the most challenging issues facing human civilization today. 

Our strategic partners work together to shape the future design and direction of R2 through their participation in two major events and virtual collaboration between these events, using online tools including web-based video-conferencing and sophisticated online innovation forums.

This model will evolve to serve as an ongoing open system of social, business and technological innovation for the next decade. Renaissance2 enables its partners to integrate the three essential ingredients needed to accelerate the social innovations emerging today around the world by cultivating profound understanding and practices in:

  • What is technically possible: In the first two focus areas, Renewable Energy and Resilient Environments, several of our members have turned technical understanding into real, sustainable prototypes and business results. Ecoliving, for example, is rapidly growing a business across Europe in renewable energy, while The Transitioner is developing resilient B2B financial systems using alternative currency models.
  • What is urgently needed: We are connecting together visionaries defining the future shape of many different aspects of our civilization. From think tanks, through to leading thinkers on social change and social entrepreneurs creating new business designs, including successors to Skype, e-bay and existing models of collaboration.
  • Creative Catalysts: The R2 meshworks includes a diverse group of talents and capabilities from CEOs to innovative leaders to experts on renewable energy, enlightened enterprise, resilient environments and integral governance, as well as a wide range of cultural creatives including artists, activists, technological and spiritual leaders.

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