The Lifeline

Logo: The LifelineThe Lifeline is a global network of people and communities creating positive, sustainable solutions for life on Planet Earth.

The Lifeline Project will send 9 teams, each comprising 3 documentary film-makers leaving London, New York and Sydney on 9/9/9 on an epic 18,000 mile journey to arrive on 10/10/10, a year, a month and a day later.

Blogging and Vlogging (Video Blogging) as they go internet users can follow their reports on the remarkable people pushing forward sustainable initiatives in growing organic food, buildings, education, transport, renewable energy and wildlife conservation.

Each film-maker team will walk, sail, ride and use public transport - no flying - to their destinations.  Presenting the WorldShift 2012 Declaration to individuals, groups and media along the way each team will also document the individuals, businesses and communities implementing sustainability initiatives.

Their reports will then be uploaded onto a digital ark for all Humankind to share on the Lifeline web site.

From 10/10/10, and each year onwards, more film-makers will leave to visit other countries documenting and supporting sustainable projects across the globe for people to be inspired by and to follow in their footsteps and their journeys will also mark the other key transformational dates of 11/11/11 and 21/12/12.

“As film-makers this is our gift to Humanity, that through our dedication and vision we hope to show we are capable of creating an alternative way of living that will protect and sustain Life on Earth for all Time,” Phil Stebbing, Founder, The Lifeline / Award-winning Documentary Maker.

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